Innovative Application

By merging artificial intelligence and augmented reality to enhance the patient experience, the FORMA app will herald a new era in the field of aesthetic

By 3D scanning the human face's structure with a camera, we were able to diagnose 1800 spots on the face. The AI then determines the type of skin texture.

Step 1

The FORMA app interface will display a live preview of the iPad's front or rear-facing camera.

After the patient's face is centered on the display, the scan icon is tapped to launch the artificial intelligence mapping technique that detects the patient's face and texture.

Step 2

The Medical personnel then selects the type of FORMA filler to use, the area of the face to be treated, and the procedure available for that area.

A vertical slider will show, allowing the filling results to be generated based on the information selected previously.

The slider can be changed between 0.5cc and 2cc depending on the treatment area and the needs and perspectives of the medical personnel.
As the slider is adjusted, real-time results are displayed on an iPad in front of the patient.


All cases can be saved and documented with complete patient information within the FORMA application gallery for future reference and adjustment.

The case will have before-and-after pictures that were saved when the live techniques were used, and these images can be edited using the same steps that were used to generate alternative results, if necessary.